Do not miss this opportunity to extend your network and explore the future of South Africa as seen through the eyes of South Africa’s top thinkers. Includes a 3-course dinner and a wine pairing by Jean-Pierre Rossouw by the Wine Village.

Summary of BizNews conference by Alec Hogg

Alec Hogg media entrepreneur and founder of BizNews, will curate important takeaways from BNC#6, the seminal BizNews conference in Hermanus at the first formal Hermanus Business Chamber event on 20 March 2024. Listen to a synopsis of the views of conference contributors such as Christo Wiese, Magnus Heystek, politicians John Steenhuisen, and Herman Mashaba; Invest Africa’s Rob Hershov and Futurologist Clem Sunter among others, on the path forward. Leave with a better understanding of how to position yourself for success in the unfolding landscape.

For the Curious: A Bit more about BizNews

BizNews is an independent internet publishing business with the purpose of exposing and communicating truth by tapping the minds of leaders and influencers, thereby destroying corruption and inspiring their community to help create a better world for everyone.

Attendees will be contacted by the Office of the Hermanus Business Chamber for the Menu Preferences.

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